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How to Handle Extreme Negotiations with Suppliers

When negotiating in high-stakes, high-risk (“extreme”) situations with suppliers, the tendency is to act quickly and forcefully. Yet acting in haste to take charge and look in control often leads...

A Presentation by Dr. Ron Babin, Associate Professor at the Ted Rogers School of Management, Ryerson University

Outsourcing is a fundamental business tactic; most large organizations will outsource some aspect of their business operations such as IT, finance and accounting or other processes. For many reasons, outsourcing...

Outside Defense Counsel Scorecarding SOW Language

Include this in your Statement of Work (SOW) within your legal services boilerplate contract to score defense counsel services provided by outside firms.

eCommerce Catering Concierge

Use this document to build an RFx for eCommerce Catering Concierge Services. This template includes language for the term, scope, evaluation criteria, and proposal response guidelines.

RFx Pricing Sheet for Air Travel

Use this pricing sheet in an RFx for Air Travel / Airfare costs.

eDiscovery Implementation RFx

Use this document to build an RFx for eDiscovery Implementation Services. This template includes language for the Requirements, Proposal Response Forms, and Evaluation Process.

Developing an Outsourcing Center of Excellence – Changing the Conversation Around Outsourcing – Aetna

As the need grows for creative solutions to address financial, demand and technical challenges, organizations are expanding the size, scope, and complexity of outsourcing arrangements. There is no debating the...

Vendor Management vs Partner Management

Up until late 1970s the phrases , “Offshore Outsourcing”, “Outsourcing” and “Offshoring” did not exist in the English language. Today, a business meeting does not go by without touching on...

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