Supplier Management Certification

Over the course of five weeks, SIG University’s Certified Supplier Management Professional (CSMP) program will help you understand the significance of Governance, Risk, and Compliance to put effective controls in place to strategically manage supplier relationships.

What is “supplier management” in procurement?

Supplier Management can be defined as the process of ensuring that organizations receive maximum value from the money that they pay to suppliers. Organizations rely heavily on these supplies to keep running a smooth operation, so it is crucial for both the supplier and the organization to have engaged and effective communication.

Organizations must have a comprehensive supplier management policy in place to foster a proper relationship, manage requirements, and communicate clearly and effectively with their suppliers.

Supplier Management is a necessary skill set for effective Procurement professionals.  This point was solidified in the last couple of years when we witnessed how significant positive supplier relationships were to minimize the negative impact of supply shortages during the pandemic.  Companies that had not only solid contract terms but also a collaborative, win-win relationship with their suppliers fared much better than companies that treat their suppliers as transactional.

This course will teach how to gain more from supplier relationships by building a governance framework that enables constructive dialogue around opportunities, continuous improvement, and innovation.

What will I learn in the CSMP program?

SIG University’s Certified Supplier Management Professional (CSMP) program helps organizations put effective supplier relationship management and governance programs in place by exposing students to leading-edge training in a 5-week online facilitated classroom. The program covers the stages of contract lifecycle management, incremental value realization, supply risk assessment and management, continuous improvement, supplier performance management, governance operating models, talent management support, transformation and more. Developed by practitioners, academics, and subject matter experts, the CSMP program offers insights on supplier relationship management that enable organizations to understand how to capture incremental value from supplier relationships and mitigate risks associated with shifts in business conditions. 

Who should take the CSMP program?

The CSMP program is applicable to many roles in the industry, including those who work as practitioners and providers. It is applicable to category managers, supplier relationship managers, procurement managers, and any person within the business who owns and manages supplier relationships (such as IT Directors, Marketing Managers, Engineers, Manufacturing leads, etc).

If you manage supplier relationships and want to learn more about how an effective GRC program can create long-term value and spur supplier innovation, then this program is for you.

How is the CSMP program structured?

The CSMP Program is a five-week learning journey that takes approximately 2-4 hours per week to complete.

Each week, you will:

  • complete weekly module assignments
  • take quizzes after each lesson to assess your retention
  • engage in a faculty-led asynchronous discussion forum with peers in your field across industries

You will also complete a final short essay on the topics covered in the program.  This combination of elements creates a holistic learning experience for our students.

What can I expect after completing the CSMP program?

In addition to the knowledge, skills and tools gained, those who have completed the CSMP program have loved the learning experience provided and can immediately apply what they learned. All graduates of the CSMP program are issued a digital badge to include on their CV and LinkedIn profile.

Graduates of the CSMP program are invited to join the SIG University Alumni and Faculty private LinkedIn group to stay connected with peers and faculty.

Additionally, SIG University graduates receive 10% off additional certifications!

Course Syllabus

See a more in-depth overview of the CSMP program.

Who are our Past Graduates?

View sampling of job titles from our previous graduates!

What Topics are Covered?

View the learning journey of topics covered each week during a semester.

Who are the Faculty and Authors?

Meet the subject matter experts that have supported this program!

Certificate & Digital Badge

All graduates of the CSMP program are issued a digital badge and a certificate of completion to include on their LinkedIn profile & CV.

What our graduates have to say 

Christopher Rose

“I chose SIG-U to attain my CSMP certification based off past experiences with the team. few years back I attained my CSP via SIG and had a great experience in the process. The ease and use of the tool, classroom style trainings, clarity of the material, informative study guides, and responsiveness of staff, make this an awesome experience while learning!”

Christopher Rose

Certified Supplier Management Professional
Staffing Vendor Program Manager, Granite Telecommunications
Damilare Adeoye

“Are you struggling with building or maintaining supplier relationship or any kind of relationship? I don’t have all the answer, I can recommend you consider performing “relationship fit analysis” and I believe it will help you to understand your position, the root cause, immediate corrective action, and long-term strategy to prevent the “FILL IN THE GAP” relationship issues.

After my Certified Sourcing Professional (CSP) course at SIG University which was fully paid for by my employer at that time, I promised to enroll in the Certified Supplier Management Professional (CSMP) course, and I am here testifying that I did not regret enrolling.

The course was well thought and again, the faculty discussions was icing on the cake for me, this is because it helps me to understand other student’s perspectives of the course and to learn from them.

Supplier compatibility fit is the best part of the course for me because the analysis cut across every aspect of life. I can now use it with internal, external, and connected stakeholders. I can also use it in my personal relationship with everyone, and it gave me a better insight of the relationship that God built towards me by sacrificing his own son to die for me.

“God is, therefore, the best analyst who performed a relationship analysis fit”

While I used and still using some of the things I have learnt in the course, I gained new insight into how I can better perform a supplier fit analysis and continue to use the same analysis in every aspect of my life.

I consider this topic the best part of the CSMP because it is the foundation of an excellent or terrible supplier relationship. 

Thank you, SIG University, faculty members and students who have contributed to the success of this course, and I look forward to the next.”

Oluwadamilare Adeoye

Certified Supplier Management Professional

“With all of my years of experience, learning, and thought leadership, the Chapter on Governance Across Business Models within Module 4 resonated the most for me and identified how much growth and potential there is within the sourcing industry and for sourcing leaders to improve, and move the needle forward, both on an individual and corporate-wide scale. What I found most interesting is how the lessons were intertwined, and the continuum that exists for Governance.”

Certified Supplier Management Professional
Paul Serna

“With the completion of this certification, I have a richer understanding of overall supplier governance and why it’s important. I now understand the importance of our supplier governance process of adhering to them throughout the contract lifecycle of third-party relationships, and essential for a successful Third-Party Governance program.  So, supplier governance plays a critical role in the success of my organization’s sourcing strategy. Outsourcing is not as simple as executing a contract, it’s much more complex than that. For an organization to have an effective governance program, the company must do a good job in providing the “why” behind the “what” and I am pleased my company is doing a great job with that.”

Paul Serna

Certified Supplier Management Professional
Third Party Relationship Manager I
Adrienne Westerfield

“I have learned how good supplier governance programs and relationships are extremely beneficial to all stakeholders involved and can help drive an already successful company to additional success and value on many levels. A governance program can start with a single new initiative or can become more structured by implementing best practices to improve the supplier relationship. I am thankful for the opportunity to take the SIG University CSMP class and look forward to applying the knowledge I have gained to my current and future roles in procurement.”

Adrienne Westerfield

Certified Supplier Management Professional
Louisville Gas and Electric Company

“With all of my years of experience, learning, and thought leadership, the Chapter on Governance Across Business Models within Module 4 resonated the most for me and identified how much growth and potential there is within the sourcing industry and for sourcing leaders to improve, and move the needle forward, both on an individual and corporate-wide scale.”

Certified Supplier Management Professional