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Session 10: Outsourcing: Ways to Cut Costs in Troubled Times (PDF file)

10 Proven ways to optimize the arrangements and reduce costs, 4 strategies to reduce costs and deliver measurable value.

Session 31; “Low Cost Innovation: How Western Companies can Leverage Low Cost Sourcing Partners for Innovation (PDF file)

Today’s objective is to discuss framework and case studies on how companies utilize partners to drive innovation 1. Perspective on Innovation 2. Discuss framework for partner led innovation 3. Discuss...

European Outsourcing and Offshoring Trends (PDF file)

Outsourcing is rapidly being embraced as a strategic tool. Buyers must view outsourcing in a broad strategic context and use it as a catalyst to reengineer operations. Outsourcing is a...

Managing Disputes to Enhance Success (PDF file)

Managing disputes during an outsourcing deal can be a challenge. Thelen presenters Julian Millstein and Ross Docksey address various issues and challenges faced during an outsoursing deal ,help understand the...

City of Minneapolis Case Study: Extend or Rebid IT Outsourcing (PDF file)

Minneapolis is a leading high tech city, consistently rating above average nationally in areas such as energy efficient buildings, high tech mass transportation systems, University related research and development, percentage...

Unpacking Sourcing Business Models: 21st Century Solutions for Sourcing Services

This white paper - now in its second edition - is a collaborative effort among the University of Tennessee (UT), the Sourcing Industry Group (SIG), the Center for Outsourcing Research...

Holistic Demand Forecasting – A New Paradigm

Genpact has developed a targeted, market/customer intelligence approach to demand forecasting -includes case study.

Managing Turbulence in the Cloud

A large portion of Fortune 500 organizations are now using cloud computing-based services. The main benefits of cloud-based services include obtaining greater flexibility for the organization, reducing costs, increasing operational...

Master Consultant Agreement

Master Consultant Agreement template ready for use. Includes clauses for consulting services scope, statement of work (SOW), relationship and indemnification, requirements for employment, term and termination (including return of materials),...

Sourcing Process Checklist

This simple form provides a checklist of typical steps in the sourcing process.   

WAN RFP Response Evaluation

Use this form to weight sections in an RFP for WAN technologies (or other RFPs)

RFP and Questionnaire for Promotional Items

This Word document template can be downloaded and used immediately for a promotional items and materials RFP (Request for Proposal).

Trends, Innovations and Best Practices in Sourcing and Outsourcing

SIG presentation regarding trends in sourcing and outsourcing, including operational advancements. This presentation was delivered in Sydney in September 2011.

The Outsourcing Contract Process “Unscripted”, Part IV

Today’s interactive forum is focused on tackling the unique and most difficult challenges and issues customers and suppliers face when establishing, negotiating and optimizing outsourcing agreements and relationships. Suggested topics...

Procedure – Initial Supplier Assessment Supporting Doc – Supplier Perspective

Use this resource to support the standard operating procedure for an External Market Analysis.

Sourcing Standard Operating Procedure & Policy – Using an RFI as a Sourcing Strategy

This standard operating procedure for an External Market Analysis outlines the steps for performing a Request for Information (RFI).

Going Global: Taking Your Contingent Workforce Program to the Next Level

One of the most common questions asked as organizations become more sophisticated in their management of contract labor is centered around global best practices. Before diving headfirst into the global...

RFI for Small Parcel

Use this template to gather supplier capabilities for small parcel freight services.

RFI for Truckload – North America

Use this template to build an RFI for supplier capabilities.

Office Furniture – Commercial, Quality & Service Requirements

Use this template to build a set of requirements for an Office Furniture sourcing initiative.

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