Certification Terms

All SIG University certifications must be renewed every three years to remain valid. SIG University certifications are renewable by providing proof of 75 Continuing Education (CE) credits earned during the three-year renewal period or by retaking the program. The certification renewal period begins on the date the certification was earned and every three years thereafter. CE credits earned outside of Sourcing Industry Group (SIG) content are subject to approval by SIG.

A re-certification application must be submitted no later than one month following expiration. After the one month grace period, an additional late fee may apply. If certification lapses more than three months, the applicant may be required to retake the program to renew the certification.

Keep Contact Information Current

During your renewal period, SIG will reach out periodically with important information for maintaining your certification as well as if there are any updates to the re-certification guidelines.  Since the primary method of communication used to remind individuals of their maintenance dates is email, make sure SIG has your most current email address. Please use this form to update your contact information when changes occur so that we are able to reach you. Furthermore, it is recommended that you do not opt-out of SIG communications and you approve email reminders as a trusted sender to avoid missing important maintenance information.

Reminders are sent every few months the first year after graduation, then once annually and then every few months leading up to expiration.

SIG University – Alumni Contact Information Update Form >>

Continuing Education (CE) Credits

Topics covered through continuing education must apply to the program you wish to renew.  If electing to renew by providing proof of CE credits earned, you must submit evidence of each continuing education credit earned using this form, and all CE credits must be submitted before submitting your re-certification application. Please submit the form for each continuing education activity. SIG reserves the right to request proof of registration, attendance, etc. for any reported activity.

SIG University – Continuing Education Submission Form >>

Below are some guidelines on acceptable ways to earn CE credits:

  • SIG Webinars (one CE credit each)
  • Other Webinars (one CE credit per hour)
  • Training and Workshops (one CE credit per hour)
  • Attending or presenting at conferences like SIG Global Executive Summits (one CE credit per hour attended, two CE credits for facilitating a session at a SIG event, and five CE credits for speaking at a SIG event)
  • Attendance at SIG one-day events or similar event (one CE credit per hour attended)
  • Completing an undergraduate or graduate course in a related field  (15 CE credits per graduate course and 10 CE credits per undergraduate course, limit one per year)
  • Teaching an undergraduate or graduate course in a related field  (20 CE credits per graduate course, 15 CE credits per undergraduate course, limit one per year)
  • Serve as SIG University Faculty moderating classroom discussions (5 CE credits per week volunteered)
  • Achievement of a similar certification or credential  (five CE credits per certification or credential, limit one per year)
  • SIG active paid membership (five CE credits annually)
  • Writing an article for SIG, Future of Sourcing, or in another industry magazine or journal (one CE credit per article, limit three per year)

Applying for Re-certification

Download the PDF version of the re-certification application, then email it to [email protected] along with your preferred payment method – check, wire transfer/ACH, or via credit card.  In the subject line of the message, indicate “SIG University Re-certification.”

*Credit card transactions are subject to a 3.5% processing fee. 

Re-Certification Processing Fees / Payment Options

The re-certification application fee is an administrative fee for SIG’s review of activities reported toward SIG University certification renewal requirements for a three-year renewal cycle. Payment of the fee does not necessarily mean the certification has been renewed. SIG will communicate determination of renewal status to the e-mail address in the certificant’s SIG record.  Applicants who are paid current SIG members receive discounted pricing on re-certification application fees.  Member pricing will be determined by member status in the SIG database at the time the application is submitted. Remittance must accompany the application in order to be processed and is non-refundable.  Applications will not be reviewed until payment is received in full.  Pricing is shown below for each program.  SIG accepts checks, ACH wire transfer and credit cards as payment for re-certification.

Application Fee (Required):$100$150
CSP Re-Enrollment*$500$750
CSMP Re-Enrollment*$400$600
C3PRMP Re-Enrollment*$700$1000
CIAP Re-Enrollment*$300$450
Late Fee **$50$50

* Re-Enrollment fees are only applicable if you are electing to retake the program rather than submit the minimum required continuing education earned during your certification term.

** Late fees apply to those submitting applications more than one month after their certification expires.

Note: Maintenance is no longer available for those with a CGP certification. The CGP Certification has been discontinued. All CGP certifications must re-enroll in CSMP to convert their certification.

Processing Applications

The time required by SIG to process certification applications will vary considerably in accordance with the response time of contacts, the current volume of in-process applications, reviewing submitted continuing education credits or graduation requirements, and the accuracy and completeness of the application itself. Allow at least 14 days after receipt for the application to be processed. Applications are processed in the order in which they are received. SIG reserves the right to audit applications and submitted continuing education credits. Application processing cannot be expedited due to the number of applications received.

Confidential Information

All information contained in the re-certification application will be treated in the strictest confidence by SIG. Nothing contained in an application will be released or revealed without the express written permission of the applicant. However, coworkers and suppliers will be contacted if an audit is necessary, and it will be disclosed that the purpose of the verification is in connection with an application for re-certification.

For Questions, an Application, or Further Information

For clarification of any information on this page, you are welcome to email SIG University’s Support team at [email protected]

SIG has the right to make changes to any and all certification programs, policies, and procedures at any time. This includes but is not limited to fee changes and adding or removing requirements for each certification or renewal. SIG will attempt to notify all alumni about any changes when they occur.