Everest Group Partner Portal

SIG and Everest Group have partnered to provide SIG members with insights and analysis to help them capture greater value from their contracts and provider relationships.

SIG members gain practical knowledge from the insights our research leaders offer in session presentations at  SIG|ONE-DAY Events and SIG Global Executive Summits.

In addition, Everest Group provides select research offerings and reports on a complimentary basis to SIG members.

Participation in and insights from Everest Group’s Pinnacle Model® studies

Everest Group’s Pinnacle Model® research identifies and details what the best, or Pinnacle Enterprises™, are doing to achieve outstanding outcomes. SIG members are invited to participate in these studies and receive insights from the research.

Complimentary offshore service delivery rate check

Everest Group provides SIG members with complimentary price checks on three standard roles in three different countries – one price check per year, per member company.

How it works: Choose up to three standardized job roles from key functions and get rate checks in three different countries (from a list of 10 countries).

Get answers to your key sourcing questions from the experts – free

Everest Group’s analyst inquiry gives you speedy access to our experts to answer your pressing sourcing questions and/or interpret the impacts of market trends. Given the breadth of our global services coverage – sourcing, contracting, pricing, and locations across 75+ IT, business, and engineering services processes, and 250+ global delivery locations – it’s likely we’ll have the information and data you need at our fingertips. One inquiry per year, per member company.

Complimentary access to Everest Group’s Service Provider Snapshots

Everest Group’s Service Provider Snapshots provide a holistic, fact-based view of leading service providers across dimensions such as financial performance, industry presence, geographic spread, function focus, and key industry clients across BPS and ITS.