Intelligent Automation Certification

The Certified Intelligent Automation Professional Program is a six-week program created by the team at Virtual Operations, a pioneer in intelligent automation with over a decade of experience working with Fortune 100 organizations to develop effective RPA platforms.  The program is highly practical, drawing on the real-life experience of the team. The authors bring hands-on expertise of the full RPA journey, from evaluating processes suitable for automation to the implementation of best-fit technologies as well as post-implementation support. The curriculum was designed to help you better understand how automation is transforming procurement and how organizations should leverage and implement automation strategies to reduce value leakage.

What is “intelligent automation” in procurement?

Digital transformation has elevated the work of procurement professionals from a tactical, back-office role to that of a strategic advisor to the business. The procurement function has many tasks that are ripe for automation so teams can focus on more strategic and business-critical tasks.

Examples of mundane and time-consuming tasks that can be automated include purchase order cycles, invoice management, the purchase requisition process, and contract management. Automating these processes reign in maverick spending, reduces manual errors, enhances compliance, and speeds up processes.

Additionally, the data that digital transformation technologies collect enable procurement teams to have more visibility into business-critical areas like spend management, supplier relationship management, and risk management. When correctly applied, automation makes teams more efficient and effective, but many organizations fail to realize the true benefits of intelligent process automation because they lack the understanding of how to correctly leverage the technology. 

What will I learn in the CIAP program?

SIG University’s CIAP program is delivered in an on-demand format. You will be introduced to automation technologies; learn how to identify the correct opportunities to build, run and sustain a successful automation program; and will understand the true potential of intelligent process automation technologies when adopted correctly.

In this program, you will learn the critical components of intelligent process automation technologies, including an understanding of their capabilities and limitations. You will be introduced to disciplined approaches to automation program structures, advised on what delivery techniques to use in common scenarios, and learn how to identify viable automation candidates and how best to prioritize those selected.

At the end of this program, you will develop a holistic understanding of intelligent process automation technologies and how to move above tactical process automation, reaching automation-enabled transformation.

Who should take the CIAP program?

The CIAP program was designed for business leaders, executives, and managers who work in corporate settings, in government, or in academia that are looking to transform operations through intelligent process automation. It is applicable to so many roles in sourcing, outsourcing, procurement, and related fields.

Today’s procurement professionals are expected to have a baseline understanding of automation technologies. If you want to be more productive and efficient, reduce value leakage, and expand your career choices, you will benefit from earning the CIAP certification.

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How is the CIAP program structured?

The CIAP program is a six-week learning journey that takes approximately 2-5 hours per week to complete.

Each week, you will:

  • complete weekly module assignments
  • take quizzes after each lesson to assess your retention
  • engage in a faculty-led asynchronous discussion forum with peers in your field across industries

You will also complete a final short essay on the topics covered in the program.  This combination of elements creates a holistic learning experience for our students.

What can I expect after completing the CIAP program?

In addition to the knowledge, skills and tools gained, those who have completed the CIAP program have loved the learning experience provided and can immediately apply what they learned. All graduates of the CIAP program are issued a digital badge to include on their CV and LinkedIn profile.

Graduates are also invited to join the SIG University Alumni and Faculty private LinkedIn group to stay connected with peers and faculty.

Additionally, SIG University graduates receive 10% off additional certifications!

** SIG is only authorized to offer CIAP to buy-side end-users located within the Americas, Europe or Australia.  Registration and exceptions to the CIAP program is subject to approval. **

Course Syllabus

See a more in-depth overview of the CIAP program.

Who are our Past Graduates?

View sampling of job titles from our previous graduates!

What Topics are Covered?

View the learning journey of topics covered each week during a semester.

Who are the Faculty and Authors?

Meet the subject matter experts that have supported this program!

Certificate & Digital Badge

All graduates of the CIAP program are issued a digital badge and a certificate of completion to include on their LinkedIn profile & CV.

Learn more about CIAP

Watch this video for an overview of the program.

What our graduates have to say 

Kristi Wisen

I am thankful for the opportunity to have taken this course. I feel I am more qualified to identify areas of focus and make progress to implement intelligent automation tools in a strategic manner.

I also feel more aware of those challenges that may come up and who needs to be involved from start to finish. I now feel more capable of asking the right questions and identifying opportunity, risk and creating the right strategy for the next automation project.

Kristi Wisen

Certified Intelligent Automation Professional
Elisabeth Mollo

Working in the third-party workspace for four years as a senior consultant and internal auditor have been a great experience to become a well-rounded TPRM expert. However, this certification course has further advanced my knowledge on the subject matter more than I could’ve imagined. Throughout the course we went in-depth on topics such as governance and management and how they apply to the third-party lifecycle. We learned about external factors and the economy and how that applies to the third-party lifecycle. All to say you learn about the lifecycle in your day-to-day job, but taking this course allowed me to further advance my knowledge into this niche industry.

Elisabeth Mollo

Certified Intelligent Automation Professional

The CIAP program was interesting, informative, and very enlightening. These are many learnings that will benefit companies, whether it is an IPA or RPA project, or plus this is instrumental in expanding digital transformation journey. The program did amazing job in presenting the project management discipline, program structure, and governance which are necessary for successful Intelligent Automation projects.


Certified Intelligent Automation Professional
Paul Kistner

“I enrolled in the Certified Intelligent Automation Professional (CIAP) course with the expectation of learning about the strategies and best practices required to build a successful automation practice capable of supporting our enterprise at scale. While the CIAP certification certainly met those expectations, I also learned that underneath all of the process and technology considerations, automation really isn’t about automation. It’s about enabling our people to do their best work.”

Paul Kistner

Certified Intelligent Automation Professional
Head of Business & Customer Transformation Allegis Global Solutions
Mansoor Azhar

“The CIAP program was a very valuable addition to my degree and my career. Not only did I enjoy the flexibility and practical value of the certificate, but the associated faculty were fantastic to work with and learn from! This specific certificate was a great way for me to integrate my interests across and to bring a multidisciplinary perspective to understanding Robotics Process Automation and developing a strong foundation that is essential for real world automation problem solving. I would highly recommend this on-demand program designed for time-constrained professionals who are looking to understand the fundamentals and the appropriate approach when it comes to deploying automation programs across their organizations.”

Mansoor Azhar

Certified Intelligent Automation Professional
TD Bank
Jordan Tipton Honda

“The CIAP program challenged my perspective on how automation should be harnessed by an organization. This program lays a basic foundation for business professionals to understand the automation industry, and then provides different frameworks for which your organization should leverage an automation strategy. Coming into this from a procurement perspective, I now feel better equipped to push a culture of strategic and intelligent automation.”

Jordan Tipton

Certified Intelligent Automation Professional
Honda North America

“The CIAP program was interesting, informative, and very enlightening. The program did a great job in presenting the project management discipline, program structure, and governance that are necessary for successful Intelligent Automation projects. There were many takeaways that will benefit companies, whether newly embarking on an IPA or RPA project, or those that are honing and expanding a digital transformation journey. It was an honor to be part of the inaugural class!”

Canda Rozier

Certified Intelligent Automation Professional
President, Collabra Consulting

“I wish this program would have been available before we started our RPA and IA journey. It would have been a great level setting experience for the company. As one of the executive sponsors, I could have created a much better view for our leadership of what we are doing.”

Mike Morsch

Certified Intelligent Automation Professional
Vice President of Procurement & Supply Chain, CDK Global
Lawrence Kane

“Intelligent automation is far more than a collection of cool emerging technologies. In order to actually add value, we must harness those technologies in a thoughtful, considered, and programmatic way. SIG University’s CIAP program teaches practitioners exactly how to do that, delivering clear, compelling, and thought-provoking instruction on making the most of any digital transformation rollout.”

Lawrence Kane

Certified Intelligent Automation Professional
Senior Sourcing Leader