Third Party Risk Management Certification

Linda Tuck Chapman, a leading expert in third-party risk and relationship management, will teach you best and emerging practices in third-party risk management. After 10 weeks, you will graduate with a strong and sustainable working knowledge of operational and third-party risk management.

What is “third-party risk management”?

Third-Party Risk Management – also known as TPRM or 3PRM – involves identifying, assessing, and controlling the various risks that can develop over the lifecycle of your relationships with third parties. Third parties include suppliers, vendors, providers, partners, and other affiliate entities that engage with your business.

Potential risks within this ecosystem are numerous and can be reputational, strategic, operational, or economical in nature. One of the more specific risks addressed in this program that impacts nearly every business is cybersecurity risk.

Digital transformation has evolved the supply chain and its threat landscape. For enterprises large and small, your third-party ecosystem can be a complex web. The overall security of the enterprise is only as strong as the weakest link in your supply chain, which is why understanding how to manage third-party risk must be prioritized.

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What will I learn in the C3PRMP program?

Created in partnership with Third Party Risk Institute, the C3PRMP program covers best and emerging practices in third-party risk management. The online, video-based program was developed by Linda Tuck Chapman, a renowned expert in third-party risk and relationship management. It is recognized as the global “gold standard” for risk and vendor management professionals and is registered with NASBA and GARP as an approved sponsor of continuing education.

The content is sourced from Linda’s book, “Third-Party Risk Management: Driving Enterprise Value” (published by the Risk Management Association). The book is required reading for the program and must be purchased separately.

The program includes global best practice frameworks and draws from Linda’s experience and expertise using real-life examples.

Who should take the C3PRMP program?

The C3PRMP program is applicable to so many roles in sourcing, outsourcing, procurement, vendor management, third-party risk management, and related fields. If you work with third parties in any capacity, then this program is for you. And it’s not just for practitioners, it’s also for the providers who serve them.

Anyone who is serious about investing in their team and themselves, or expanding their career choices, benefits from the C3PRMP certification and learning with other committed professionals from around the world.

Some professions that would benefit from the program are listed below.

– Business Continuity Management Professionals
– Supply Chain Professionals
– Sourcing and Procurement Professionals
– Certified Public Accountants (CPA)
– Compliance/Legal Professionals
– Financial Risk Managers (FRM)
– Information Security Risk Analysts
– Operational or Enterprise Risk Management Professionals
– Vendor Relationship Management Professionals
– Supplier Risk Managers
– Third-Party Risk Professionals
– Vendor Relationship Managers (VRM)

View a more complete list of professions featured in this article.

How is the C3PRMP program strcutured?

The C3PRMP program is a 10-week video-based learning journey that takes approximately 3-6 hours per week to complete.

Each week, you will:

  • complete weekly module assignments
  • take quizzes after each lesson to assess your retention
  • engage in a faculty-led asynchronous discussion forum with peers in your field across industries

You will also complete a final short essay on the topics covered in the program.  This combination of elements creates a holistic learning experience for our students.

For CPAs and equivalent designations worldwide, graduates will take a mid-term and final exam to earn 66 Continuing Professional Education (CPE) credits from NASBA. This is one of the highest numbers of CPE credits ever awarded by NASBA for a continuing professional education program.

What can I expect after completing this program?

In addition to the knowledge, skills and tools gained, those who have completed the C3PRMP program have loved the learning experience provided and can immediately apply what they learned. All graduates of the C3PRMP program are issued a digital badge to include on their CV and LinkedIn profile.

Graduates of the C3PRMP program are invited to join the SIG University Alumni and Faculty private LinkedIn group to stay connected with peers and faculty.

Additionally, SIG University graduates receive 10% off additional certifications!

Professional Partnerships & Continuing Education Associations

SIG University’s C3PRMP program has partnered with or been approved as a sponsor of continuing education by the following industry organizations:  

  • Sourcing Industry Group is registered with the National Association of State Boards of Accountancy (NASBA) as a sponsor of continuing professional education on the National Registry of CPE Sponsors. State boards of accountancy have final authority on the acceptance of individual courses for CPE credit. Complaints regarding registered sponsors may be submitted to the National Registry of CPE Sponsors through its website: Students who complete the CPE-track of C3PRMP can earn 66 CPE credits.
  • In partnership with SIG University, Third Party Risk Institute Ltd. inspires organizations and professionals to invest in world-class third-party risk management, getting and staying on top of the complexities of an ever-changing threat landscape, protecting their customers, organization, and shareholders from harm.

Course Syllabus

See a more in-depth overview of the C3PRMP program.

Who are our Past Graduates?

View sampling of job titles from our previous graduates!

What Topics are Covered?

View the learning journey of topics covered each week during a semester.

Who is the Author?

Meet the subject matter expert that has supported this program!

Linda Tuck Chapman

CEO, Third Party Risk Institute Ltd. & President, Ontala Performance Solutions Ltd. 

Certificate & Digital Badge

All graduates of the C3PRMP program are issued a digital badge and a certificate of completion to include on their LinkedIn profile & CV.

Learn more about C3PRMP

Watch this video for an overview of the program.

What our graduates have to say 

Narendran Dhanasekaran

The Third-Party risk Management professional course enhanced and supported my Sourcing professional skills in assessing Business Partners and helped to set standards on Onboarding/Evaluating Business Partners, thereby establishing a Sustainable Risk-Free Supply Chain. I strongly recommend all sourcing professional to attend the Third Party Risk Management Professional [C3PRMP] to enhance your skill set!

Narendran Dhanasekaran

Certified Third-Party Risk Management Professional

The instructor’s (Linda Tuck Chapman) clear and consistent focus on the basic principles met my expectations – especially in the depth of information supplied. The program included step-by-step exercises along with content and assignments that built on my knowledge and it was really a good learning experience to me. The learning materials were good and I would like to thank the SIG team for it. The team was very approachable and available to answer any questions at any time. Special thanks to Linda Tuck Chapman, as this course [C3PRMP] is very applicable to many aspects of my role.

Kishore Kunte

Certified Third-Party Risk Management Professional

Certified Third Party Risk Management Professional (C3PRMP) Program from SIG University covered all areas of the third-party risk management and provided practical tips and guidance to tackle today’s challenges from Third-party risks. Based on my learnings from this course, I’m hoping to initiate a conversation on this topic within my organization to reflect on our current practices and on how we can build a more robust AI risk management practices to increase the overall performance and trustworthiness.

Senthil Jagadeesan

Certified Third-Party Risk Management Professional
Valley National Bank

Over the past ten weeks I have been able to connect with other members of the risk management community. Through our weekly discussions I was able to understand and identify process pain points that other risk managers are experiencing in the industry. The coursework each week provided greater insight into third-party relationships and what tools I can utilize those relationships. Each week I felt the coursework provided a great insight into the dynamics and overall processes that encompass a strong third-party risk management program. Linda was knowledgeable and helped dive deeper into the issues third-party programs are facing today and how to better navigate those as we built our own programs. I want to conclude with thank SIG University and our instructors for providing an excellent opportunity to enhance my knowledge of third-party risk management. These past ten weeks have helped me be able to take a more holistic approach to what my organization is currently doing and design some process improvements that will help us reduce our overall risk. I truly appreciate the time I have invested with SIG University and look forward to my next learning opportunity.

Certified Third-Party Risk Management Professional
Vendor Compliance Advisor, Hyland Software Inc.
Digvijay Bhandari

“Linda Tuck Chapman’s excellent teaching skills helped me tremendously in understanding third party risk management deeply. SIG University’s C3PRMP certification program provides a deep dive into third party risk and process. The course provides weekly modules and quizzes which enhances your knowledge. Each module has learning material that is exceptional. I am glad that I choose the C3PRMP certification program from SIG University. Thank you Linda Tuck Chapman and SIG University for the C3PRMP Certification program which is very useful for my role as a Senior Risk Analyst.”


Digvijay Bhandari

Certified Third-Party Risk Management Professional
Senior Risk Analyst, Wolters Kluwer
Cathy Rutherford

“This course has solidified my view that third-party risk is a growing risk in every company. We must continue to ask ourselves, our teams, leadership, and stakeholders the right questions and listen to the answers to inform our steps forward.  I was inspired by the 10-week course and required book reading and look forward to having my entire team take the class in 2021-2022…  On a separate note, concerning the required book reading by Linda Tuck Chapman, this was an excellent idea. The book was very supportive, and it was great to note and flag details so the book can be used as a resource moving forward.

In conclusion, I would recommend this class for any person or company to educate themselves on third-party Risk. I have worked in the manufacturing, non-profit, financial, retail, and indirect sectors and this course would be relevant in any of those areas. This will prompt companies to strategizingproactively to ensure that they are establishing best practices, as it has ledme in my planning process into 2021-22.”

Cathy Rutherford

Certified Third Party Risk Management Professional
Senior Director, P2P CoStar Group
Velda Berryman

“What can I say? SIG and Linda Tuck Chapman delivered a winner with the C3PRMP program! I attended a virtual SIG conference in fall 2020, and sat in on Linda Tuck Chapman’s session…and this is what sparked my interest to learn more about third party risk management. This program is packed with so much relevant information, tools and resources, and it provides a great starting point for any novice with a desire to learn more about this topic. I thought the videos of Linda were a nice touch, and SIG did a great job of providing well-defined module objectives; capturing key points on each slide; adding good supplemental reference material; and challenging us in each quiz to help hone in on important take-aways from each module. Also, Linda’s book was an added bonus, and provided great thought-provoking information and insights to enhance learning of third party risk management. Great job…and I look forward to participating in more SIG programs, continuing education and events!”

Velda Berryman

Certified Third Party Risk Management Professional
Michael Amaral

“SIG provided an informative and resourceful program that is interactive and encourages discussion. The course has been a great way to develop my functional expertise in my field and to network with my peers in the industry. The course administrator, Linda Tuck Chapman, was a fantastic resource and I found her to be extremely knowledgable and encouraging.”

Michael Amaral

Certified Third Party Risk Management Professional
John Lehr

“The C3PRMP program is in a class of its own. Starting from ground zero, I was impressed by the seamless program enrollment, and the friendly customer service. While attending the course, I felt both instructor’s shined a light on their industry-leading credentials through both text, and practical “real world” experience. The value is in the material (and expertise). Overall, this experience left me feeling encouraged, and equipped to handle the challenges of today while preparing for the opportunities of tomorrow. I am excited to be part of the Sig University family!”

John Lehr

Certified Third Party Risk Management Professional
Gerana Axis Capital

“I have been talking to my manager about process improvements based on the material I learned and actually got promoted from Sourcing Advisor to Global Vendor Risk and Compliance Advisor, mainly thanks to the C3PRMP training and inspiration. I am planning to pursue Risk and Compliance Governance as a career path.”

Gergana Ivanova

Certified Third Party Risk Management Professional
Divya Menon Headshot

“C3PRMP certification course is well crafted, the modules and the related contents are structured in such a way that it covers all the important Third-Party Risk Management Concepts with great clarity and precision. Linda through her effective and flawless delivery of each of the modules demonstrates that she is a SME in this area. The discussion forum was very collaborative as we could discuss all the real time challenges in this area and how it is being addressed by different organizations. This is a great platform for interacting with pioneers and experts in Third-Party Risk Management. The learnings from this course has enabled me to develop very good functionalities in our Third-Party Risk Management Platform “ISG GovernX”.”

Divya Menon

Certified Third Party Risk Management Professional

“The C3PRMP training program brings a thorough and practical curriculum to its audience that leverages industry best practices to give third party risk management professionals, in any industry, the skills to either build a risk program from the ground up, or to enhance an already mature program. I would highly recommend the C3PRMP training. It is a value proposition for whatever stage your organization may be in its Third Party Oversight journey.”

Kaya Taylor

Certified Third Party Risk Management Professional
Cindy Lingerfelt

“I can bring so much of this program back to the joint teams to grow with these best-in-class lessons — precisely, the typical structure of a third-party risk program and the oversight governance of that framework.”

Cindy Lingerfelt

Certified Third Party Risk Management Professional
Sourcing Specialist, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Florida
Shirley Yu

“The Certified Third Party Risk Management Professional program was a great course… I learned a lot from the course which I could use for future projects.”

Shirley Yu

Certified Third Party Risk Management Professional
Strategic Sourcing Manager, Hu-Friedy Mfg. Co., LLC
Craig Libby

“My brain is in overdrive with all that I have learned from the program, as well as all I need to do in guiding my teams. While challenging, I am more confident now knowing what I know.”

Craig Libby

Certified Third Party Risk Management Professional
Head of Enterprise Third Party Risk Management Data Analytics, Reporting and Quality Monitoring, USAA
Klaus Kerschbaumer

“One of the key findings from the C3PRMP program was how substantially different reputational risks are from all other categories of risk…After the lessons on reputational risk and respective control frameworks, I now have a very different view on those risks…”

Klaus Kerschbaumer

Certified Third Party Risk Management Professional
Principal Consultant, Information Services Group (ISG)