WEBINAR – Take Sourcing to the Next Level with Procurement Orchestration, presented by ORO Labs

  • 19 Mar 2024
  • Virtual

WEBINAR – Take Sourcing to the Next Level with Procurement Orchestration, presented by ORO Labs

WEBINAR – Take Sourcing to the Next Level with Procurement Orchestration, presented by ORO Labs

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Faced with supply chain disruptions, uncertain geopolitics, and evolving ESG priorities, sourcing plays an increasingly vital role in determining a business’s profitability, resilience, agility, and brand perception.

With increased responsibility comes increased complexity. To manage this complexity, sourcing professionals have been assisted by lots of different tools to perform specialized tasks. However, every new tool for managing task complexity brings greater amounts of process complexity across tools and departments. Unfortunately, the solution for many organizations today is no solution at all: ad-hoc, manual activities coordinated via email and spreadsheets.

In this webinar, attendees will be introduced to the concept of procurement orchestration: the ability to automate the coordination of people, tasks, and systems to decrease cycle times, mitigate risk, and achieve complete visibility across processes, regardless of how many people or systems might be involved.

As a result of this webinar, participants will be able to

  • Define procurement orchestration and explain its value for strategic sourcing
  • Understand the role of procurement orchestration in their current procure tech stack
  • Identify best practices for getting started with procurement orchestration today


Meet the speaker:


Lalitha Rajagopalan

Lalitha Rajagopalan is co-founder and head of product strategy and marketing at ORO Labs, a company that’s committed to simplifying procurement by delivering a procurement automation platform that helps orchestrate end-to-end procurement and supplier management across teams. Lalitha is also a former product leader of SAP Ariba and a self-acknowledged “Procurement Geek” with more than 20 years of experience in the areas of procurement, supply chain and B2B cloud solutions. She knows firsthand the myriad challenges procurement teams face, loves tackling complex business process problems, and is deeply passionate about the user experience.



Dawn Tiura

Dawn Tiura is the President and CEO of Sourcing Industry Group (SIG), the world’s premier membership association representing Fortune 500 and Global 1000 companies with a combined spend of $17 trillion USD in sourcing and outsourcing. SIG’s goal is to elevate the strategic impact of these organizations on their company’s top and bottom lines. Dawn is also the President of SIG University, an online and in-person training and education organization that offers certifications in sourcing, governance, risk management and intelligent automation. Dawn has a passion to improve sustainability in global supply chains, she helps organizations to meet the 17 Sustainable Development Goals as part of SIG’s UN Alliance and is an ambassador to the Sustainable Procurement Pledge.

Dawn has over 30 years of leadership experience, with the past 25 years focused on the sourcing and outsourcing industry. She is a frequent speaker, presenter and writer. Dawn has been featured at global events and in numerous publications, newspapers, magazines, videos and books including ForbesThe New York TimesThe Wall Street Journal and Fortune. Prior to joining SIG, Dawn held leadership positions as founder and CEO of Denali Group and before that as a partner in a CPA firm, focused on early Silicon Valley enterprises and high wealth individuals. Dawn is the proud mother of six and actively involved on several boards promoting civic, health and children’s issues in the Jacksonville, Florida area. Dawn is a licensed CPA and has a BBA from the University of Michigan and an MS in International Taxation from Golden Gate University.

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