Vincent Gilli

CPO Plus

Vincent Gilli has 20+ years of proven strategic and operational Procurement in very globalized and highly competitive business environments, among the most advanced world-leading companies in Procurement. Vincent founded his own consultancy and training service specialized in Procurement and Corporate Social Responsibilities. Prior to that, he was serving as Group CPO and Top Executive in the Food Safety industry for 7 years while heading the Group Capex Committee, the Global Logistics organization and the Group CSR initiative. Previously, he was working for 13 years in the Automotive industry for major worldwide players either in the TOP10 part manufacturers (Siemens-now Continental, Faurecia) or TOP5 car makers (Renault-Nissan) where he served in various global and regional roles in Purchasing and Product Cost Analysis. He is a lecturer in various business schools where he teaches and trains students and professionals. He earned an executive MBA in Purchasing and Supply Management. He received a master’s degree in industrial Purchasing and Electronics. Vincent earned an award for Accountability of Purchasing teams.