Elizabeth Zucker

Managing Partner
Majel Partners

Elizabeth is a value-focused Procurement expert with over 25 years of experience in sourcing and supply chain management.  Her specialties are supplier relationship management, total cost analysis, and global sourcing process.  Having held executive procurement roles in multiple global companies, she has extensive experience enhancing procurement teams’ ability to deliver greater value, with clients that span a variety of industries.  She has co-developed multiple strategic sourcing processes, co-created both the SIG Certified Sourcing Professional and the SIG Certified Supplier Management Professional programs, and has authored four articles on supply management best practices.   In addition to community volunteer boards, Elizabeth serves on the CPO Advisory Council of ISM Dallas and as a faculty member for SIG University.  She earned her MBA from Georgetown University and her BA from Welleseley College.  She co-founded Majel Partners in 2018.