Courtney Medina

Managing Director, Supplier Management
Charles Schwab & Co.

Courtney Medina is the Managing Director, Supplier Management at Charles Schwab & Co. She has 17 years of experience in highly regulated industries,  and is responsible for the firm’s third-party and affiliate management program.  Courtney leads the teams responsible for oversight of the risk management and monitoring of vendors from end to end.  She developed and has led the maturation of the company’s third-party onboarding, risk assessment, performance monitoring and supplier relationship management functions.  During her career, Courtney has established herself as a multi-disciplinary leader holding positions in a broad range of areas including Supplier Management, Risk, Compliance, Operations, Sales and Human Resources.   Courtney has led major transformation initiatives for her firm, including the launch of new technologies and the integration of vendor programs through multiple acquisitions.   Pursuant to the Federal Reserve Board’s SR 13-19 guidance on managing outsourcing risk, she led the development and modernization of the supplier management technology platform, including operational and organizational transformation.

Prior to joining Charles Schwab & CO., she held positions at Western Union, Molson Coors, Miller Coors and First Data Corporation.

Courtney is based in Colorado and holds her Bachelor of Arts from the University of Colorado. She is a Certified Sourcing Professional (CSP) and Certified Regulatory Vendor Program Manager (CRVPM) and Faculty Member for SIG University’s Certified Sourcing Professional Program.  She is also a graduate of The Leadership Investment’s Leadership Ascent Program.