Who is Spend Matters, what is SolutionMap — and how can SIG members benefit?

As part of Spend Matters’ recently announced partnership with SIG, we’re excited to share exactly what Spend Matters brings to the table (deep insights into procurement software) and why that matters Spend Matters 12 SolutionMap Categoriesfor SIG members.

Spend Matters reaches a global audience of procurement professionals and provides coverage of procurement software and services vendors across the source-to-pay spectrum and other areas, like contingent workforce and AP automation. You can find many of the key players in the Spend Matters Almanac, a directory of 500+ vendors and consultants in procurement.

Through SolutionMap, anyone doing a procurement technology selection can explore 12 categories to get a snapshot of those markets for absolutely no cost. Players are ranked in areas like Source-to-Pay (S2P), E-Procurement, Contract Lifecycle Management, Sourcing, Supplier Management and more.

SolutionMap helps procurement organizations save time in their technology RFP processes by relying on the Spend Matters analyst team, who have already assessed capabilities at a granular level, validating them through live demos. Because technology is developed and updated so quickly these days, SolutionMap is updated quarterly.

Behind the paywall, Spend Matters also publishes deep-dive vendor reviews (including SWOT analysis and shortlist considerations) as part of Spend Matters PRO. And if the free level of SolutionMap doesn’t go deep enough, we also work with procurement organizations of all shapes and sizes on customized best-fit technology selection projects. Buy-side SIG members get a discount on both of these service offerings.

Using SolutionMap’s Free Ranking Charts

Using SolutionMap is easy. Click on the procurement software category that you want to explore, and then pick a persona for what type of business you are. After you click, the picture of that market becomes clear.

Here’s an example:

Persona Categories

Customer scores are derived from reference surveys created by the Spend Matters team. References are provided by vendors and crowdsourced from Spend Matters’ general readership. If you’d like to contribute to the customer ratings, please complete the public customer reference survey.

You’ll see that the SolutionMap ranking charts change for every persona. That’s because some solutions work better for different company types, like startups versus mature enterprises. There is never a one-size-fits-all solution!

Here are the “buying personas” we consider (designed to be a starting point because many organizations are a mixture of several):

SolutionMap Personas

According to Pierre Mitchell, Chief Research Officer at Spend Matters: “SolutionMap enables apples-to-apples comparisons between solutions that may look like varying fruits and vegetables to even advanced procurement, finance and supply chain organizations. We have done the hard work of abstracting demonstrated functional and platform capability to help organizations to see ‘what’s real and what’s not,’ even if they aren’t technical experts themselves.”

“The benchmark rankings now uniquely allow for accurate comparisons based on both vendor platform and feature/function capabilities in a market where cross-over functionality is blurring traditional solution delineations,” said Jason Busch, Founder, Spend Matters.

Using SolutionMap, procurement practitioners can access deeper, more specific and objective information about procurement technology solutions and easily map vendors against their unique technology needs.

>>Ask the Spend Matters team to help you create a flexible procurement roadmap and technology architecture.