5 Ways to Master Vendor Negotiation featuring Sleep Number

Date :December 13, 2018
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While the act of negotiation isn’t easy, the success of every deal depends on it. And each situation has its unique challenges and complexities to navigate--especially indirect purchases. How can you deliver efficiencies--all while aligning value and risk requirements--without resorting to hard bargaining? It sounds like a tall order, but getting the best deal simply means being prepared.

 Join trained negotiator CJ Anderson-Johnson from Sleep Number, who will teach you five ways to master vendor negotiation--so you can achieve a mutual value exchange, every single time.

  • Approach the changing world with a pragmatic lens 
  • Understand the power of contract hierarchy
  • Implement value tracking over cost savings
  • Improve the speed of execution using technology

 Attend and walk away with the ability to reach mutual agreements with your vendors, where everybody wins (and sleeps better, as a result).

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