What Is Your Path to Data Understanding?

A Playbook for Bridging the Gap Between Data Promise and Data Success


SIG’s Community of practitioners, solution providers, advisors and consultants have been sharing their goals, challenges, and successes in digital transformations for years. SIG has hosted hundreds of case studies in our Resource Center and at our events, discussing proven practices and innovative approaches. We decided to formally benchmark with our Community and document strategies for delivering on the promised success of those digital transformations. We are now introducing the results of these discussions and Community benchmarking with the white paper “What Is Your Path to Data Understanding?”. 

This white paper addresses common questions from Procurement leaders, such as:

  • What is the power of the four Ds of Data Modernization: data quality, data access, data compliance, and data security?
  • How do you build the right “data culture” within your organization to optimize business success across all departments?
  • Where do you start with your data modernization initiative?
  • How do you establish a collaborative implementation pathway involving all internal and external stakeholders?
  • How do you measure your Data Modernization initiative’s progress and ongoing success?

Readers will learn from innovative approaches, as well as practical experience, such as:

  • Which order to prioritize in your operational framework
  • Where procurement should take the lead in modernizing data
  • What drivers contribute to a successful and innovative data culture
  • How much effort should be put into building existing talent versus hiring skilled workers

This paper addresses critical components of this discussion, including;

  • How to connect and demonstrate outcomes
  • How to prioritize the use of data
  • When to invest in tools
  • The necessity of collaboration

Testimonials from the SIG Community

  • Hear directly from our Community of practitioners and enablers, who are talking about: 
  • Ways to ensure a single source of truth
  • The messiness of data and ways to address 
  • Focusing the discussion on people first 
  • The most critical step in building a data culture 

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