What You Need to Know About LatAm Outsourcing in 2018

Latin American countries are no longer just mere providers of basic back-office business process support. From providing complex technical support to healthcare solutions, these countries are scaling up in all possible aspects of sourcing. Availability of technical talent coupled with an innovation oriented approach has helped to reach this triumph. In addition, cultural compatibility, similar time zones, English proficiency and cost effectiveness are just a few additional advantages. 

However, in terms of economic growth and geo-political stability, Latin American countries have gaps that need to be addressed especially in comparison to the other outsourcing giants such as India and China. The region has yet to cope with its high crime rates, economic instability and infrastructural setbacks, which poses a serious challenge to their potential growth. 

This webinar will provide key components of LatAm’s economic and geo-political scenario as well as technological advancement and future trends. We will highlight the opportunities and risks associated to the region and provide insights on statistics regarding salaries and talent pool availability in accordance to our latest Supply WisdomSM Risk Reports, allowing attendees to gain deeper knowledge about the region and country-level specifics and enable them to address their own business objectives/needs.


You will learn:

  • The variety of services offered by the Latin American countries
  • The factors that play a vital role in choosing the right sourcing location – such as macro-economic conditions, geo-political situation, business environment and legal requirements
  • The necessity of evaluating a sourcing location from the perspective of internal requirements such as business goal, talent requirement and scalability needs
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