Utilizing a Knowledge Database (PDF file)

There is an on-going challenge in ensuring that Sourcing/Procurement Professionals are adequately skilled and have the required competencies to meet their unit’s mission and objectives. Typically the organization’s resources attend national and regional conferences, participate on various webinars, read periodicals and become certified. This is in addition to many white papers and articles received from peers, suppliers and professional advisory group’s on-line resources. This information readily obtained by the staff, provides the organization with access to a tremendous amount of best-practice material. Therefore the question becomes “what should management do with the wealth of potential reference materials used to maintain and improve the skills and competencies of its staff?” As everyone knows the staff would desire increasing their attendance at external training programs. Too often, due to budget pressures management curtails requested participation at conferences and even reduces attendance for local training. As a result this increases the imperative to provide the staff with access to sourcing/procurement reference materials for on-going skill development, with a manageable level of investment. 

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