Using Excel For Business – 10 Productivity Tips

Original Source:  American Express 

“Stop using the same clumsy functions and up your productivity with these Excel shortcuts.

Most business owners use only a small percentage of Microsoft Excel for business analysis. In addition, most of us never progress past the elementary level because we keep doing things the same way instead of learning new functions. It is time that all changed!

Here are my top 10 productivity tips with Excel spreadsheets (note: may vary by Excel version).

1. Audit tool bar. 

Many users go crazy ensuring that the right columns and rows are being used in any given formula. The audit tool bar traces graphically which cells are included in a mathematical formula for a given cell—a real lifesaver to catch embarrassing errors that inevitably happen.

2. Quickly sum up numbers. 

This is the most common mathematical function used in Excel. Simply highlight the cell where the result is to appear and press ALT plus +…”

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