Unlocking Value in Operational Assets – Can asset monetization benefit your company?

This ISG white paper describes different types of asset monetization strategies and outlines an objective, fact-based approach to assessing requirements and determining whether asset monetization is a viable option. Asset monetization is a business transaction that converts an asset from one that does not directly generate income or other financial value into one that does generate income or other financial value. Asset monetization is just one of many strategies companies use to drive better financial performance through revenue growth and better cost management by unlocking some or all the economic value embedded in various operational assets. This “unlocked value” might be in the form of cash, longer-term changes to lower or introduce variability to the cost structure, or other conversions of non-income generating assets to current or future bottom-line value. Whether to monetize an asset or not (and if so, how) is a strategic question with long-term implications on financials, operations, organization, and risk management.

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