Sourcing Risk Areas

This tool provides 13 different categories of risk assessment. Use it to develop processes and controls to manage your risk.

The document addresses risk from:

  • Internal Client Organization (e.g. senior-level sponsorship, end user compliance, etc.)
  • Engagement Economics, Measures and Controls (e.g. anticipated vs real savings, delivery issues, etc.)
  • Transition and Transformation (e.g. knowledge loss/transfer issues, etc.)
  • Service Provider Performance (e.g. delivery, fulfillment, complacency, etc.)
  • Service Management Readiness (e.g. inadequate staffing, disagreeing stakeholders, etc.)
  • Ongoing Service Management & Governance (e.g. coordination issues, commitment problems, etc.)
  • Knowledge Management (e.g. IP loss, data compromise, etc.)
  • Disaster Recovery/Business Continuity
  • Leakage or disclosure of confidential information
  • BPO Process Issues
  • ITO Process Issues
  • Multiple Provider Risks
  • Single Provider (Sole-Source) Risks
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