Social Media…The Next Procurement Frontier?

When people think of social media, words like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Vine, Instagram and Snapchat come to mind. New platforms pop up daily…keeping up with them is something that kids have mastered. But is social media important in the world of sourcing and outsourcing…or is it just something people do to waste time and "socialize" online? Believe it or not, social media has a place in the business world. Twitter and LinkedIn are already in widespread use for sharing articles or pointing out items of interest, but every day more and more procurement and outsourcing executives are seeing the importance of social media in their sourcing practices. Procurement organizations often utilize membership organizations, conferences, webinars and other events to hear the latest best practices. But social media can help expedite learnings and provide real-time input to global – even catastrophic – events, which impact the supply chain in ways most of the world simply doesn't understand. This session will highlight trends in social media, and offer food for thought on how it can be better used to supplement the role of procurement and outsourcing professionals.

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