Services Catalogs, Automating the SOW Build and Deep Analytics

Do you struggle with impacting services spend? Are you seeking innovative options to improve end user satisfaction, increase speed and drive compliance, all while managing costs and focusing on total value? Does this sound familiar? A project manager needs to quickly build a project SOW, and Procurement wants to focus on the preferred supplier list, while driving demand management and “should-cost” pricing. Procurement then wants to quickly analyze the details of that SOW to extract the data within it for analytics and decision making. In this Solution Experience, delegates will view a technology solution for quickly building statements of work based on supplier-provided services content and how AI and ML is being used to quickly and accurately read contracts to supplement and interrogate the data. The demonstration will show how to triage requirements to ensure best route to market, how to build that SOW or catalog item and how data extracted and structured can drive better decisions and create more influence. 

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