RFx Response Mastery: 7 Keys to Unlock Success to Win More Lucrative Deals Faster with Far Less Effort

Concurrent to our CPO & Executive Roundtable Program and non-executive buy-side workshop, SIG University will be offering a workshop geared toward Suppliers and Service Providers who want to ask procurement how to master the long, convoluted and maddening RFx process. Jeanette Nyden, Contracts Expert and Author, will facilitate a four-hour workshop to help sales professionals navigate the Request For Proposal process so that their company can win profitable deals with their ideal clients. Participants will understand why their company might lose an award and the actions to take to increase your chances of winning an award.  This workshop benefits those who regularly respond to commercial RFPs for services. 

In this skills accelerator session, you will learn how to:

  • Determine quickly if the RFx event is a good fit for your solution,
  • Gauge the buyer’s intent to buy,
  • Spot hidden supplier risks,
  • Position your company for a partnership,
  • Win the T&Cs scoring game,
  • Convey meaningful value in your proposal, and
  • Manage procurement unresponsiveness.

Plus much more!

Join this skills accelerator session to learn how to better position your company to master the long, convoluted complex RFx process.


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