Premium or Expedited Freight

Request is for looking at what the market is doing in handling Premium or Expedited Freight. Premium Freight is defined as follows:

  • Changes from surface to air routing
  • Air Routings – Next Day Air shipments over 150 lbs., 2nd Day Air shipments over 250 lbs., and all air shipments where the length exceeds 120 inches and width and height exceeds 60 inches.
  • Expedited Specials – chartered air, guaranteed air/truck service, and same day air.
  • Surface Routings – exclusive use trucks, same day pickups and deliveries, and team driver requests.
  • Chartered Aircraft requires advance approval and coordination with Supply Chain Logistics

We are looking for information on any of the following:

  • Percentage of peer company freight shipment that is premium.
  • How premium freight is managed by peer companies NOT using a TMS.
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