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“You Don’t Know Jack”: Outlook And Insights With Industry Visionary Jack Miles

Times have changed. Everyone is mobile. The cloud is here to stay. The world of procurement is going through a transformation like never before. Yet in today's anemic world economy...

Delivering Value Beyond Cost Savings

There is no question that SIG members have delivered tremendous savings to their organization in tough economic times. To reach the next level, our members must focus on how to...

Procurement As A Critical Resource: Creating Value Through Private Equity Portfolio Management

Organizations have become more challenged in recent years to increase investment returns through value creation instead of relying on financial engineering or multiple expansion, and private equity firms are no...

Point of View – Has Your IT Outsourcing Partner Got It?

Outsourcing IT services like application development and maintenance would yield significant financial savings to the outsourcer. However, they have complained of not reaping the level of benefits they expected from...

2014 Global Sourcing Summit – Anthology of Key Takeaways & Lessons Learned

In April 2014, at the Omni Nashville, SIG hosted the Global Sourcing Summit. SIG has extracted, from each session presentation the key takeaways – including case studies, cost models, lessons...

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