No Longer in the Clouds: The Results of a Global Cloud Computing Survey

This session will provide the results of Baker & McKenzie’s global cloud computing survey, which polls both buyers and providers on a variety of items. We will specifically show their responses to: what cloud computing means to them; how cloud computing solutions are evaluated; whose contracts are being used; and what contract terms are being negotiated and which are not. In addition, the survey results shed light on the “market standard” terms; how long the contracting process takes; the key stumbling blocks to be aware of; how the parties manage the integration of various stakeholder concerns; and how contracting processes can be improved to deliver more value for all parties involved.

Topics in this session included:

  • To understand the differences between how buyers and providers of cloud solutions look at the contracting process
  • The globally recognized “market terms” for cloud transactions
  • The key obstacles to getting transactions completed and their resolutions
  • How the contracting process can be improved to deliver more and greater value
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