Next Generation Outsourcing: Hype or Reality

Changes in global business and technology continue to dramatically impact the sourcing marketplace. Suppliers are pitching their solutions and clients are looking to structure “next generation” outsourcing deals, but are these Gen2/Gen3 deals really delivering transformative value or are they just a rebranding of traditional labor arbitrage models?  This presentation highlighted key lessons learned from companies who have developed and implemented next generation outsourcing relationships. In addition, PA Consulting presented their Outsourcing Innovation Index that provides a framework for assessing your current sourcing arrangements (and suppliers) against true “next generation” sourcing deals. This session was particularly helpful for sourcing professionals looking to renegotiate, implement and drive additional value from existing outsourcing deals and suppliers.

Topics covered in this session included:

  • The value “next generation” outsourcing deals are delivering for buyers
  • Key challenges in sourcing, negotiating, implementing and managing Gen2/Gen3 sourcing relationships and suppliers
  • How to determine if your sourcing deal and supplier are innovative
  • What it takes to move to the “next generation” and how your company can successfully implement and realize lasting value from it 
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