The New IT Global Sourcing Playbook: Realizing Higher Value For The Business

Ferro Corporation | Capgemini

Continued macro-economic concerns and global recessionary indicators are affecting almost all industry sectors and becoming an endemic boardroom issue. The C-suite has had to make changes to their strategies and investment plans due to a capital-starved, low-growth environment, while also dealing with regulatory requirements which add costs and divert resources from value-generating activities. Leading CIOs are struggling to demonstrate alignment and specific linkage between overall business value and their IT Operations and transformational initiatives. At the same time, the IT Global Sourcing playbook is being re-written due to several disruptive trends that are making CIOs sit up and take notice. These trends have been gathering on the horizon for several years and are now getting unleashed in a perfect storm across the IT services landscape, radically altering the playing field.

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