Lessons From Outsourcing Learning Operations

Even companies who have "best in class" approaches can stumble if an end-to-end "lifecycle" view is not taken when developing, sourcing and implementing a new outsourcing agreement. This presentation will highlight key "lessons learned" from Boeing's LTD team and their Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) outsourcing experience. PA Consulting, will also present their sourcing lifecycle frameworks and tools for assessing an outsourcing program and methodologies for avoiding "value leakage" and ensuring your stakeholders realize the greatest value from outsourcing deals and suppliers. This session will be particularly useful for participants who are looking to outsource non-traditional categories like learning administration, scheduling and delivery functions where supply market and capabilities continue to develop and mature. Learn what type of benefits can be achieved and issues avoided by taking an end-to-end lifecycle approach to sourcing. Boeing will also share how they used the lessons learned to restructure and enhance value and create version 2 of a sourcing partnership with a major training delivery supplier.

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