Legal Process Outsourcing: A Workbook for In-House Counsel

This workbook is designed to guide in-house counsel as they consider whether and how to improve the operation of their law departments through legal process outsourcing (�LPO�). While there are great opportunities to improve the quality, efficiency, and impact of your law department through LPO, the providers are not all alike, their offerings do not all solve for the same problems, and there is no one-size-fits-all solution.

To help you identify potential opportunities and evaluate them, this workbook is organized into four sections, each reflecting a key step in the exploration of LPO. Within each section we have included a set of resources to help you understand and manage your exploration of LPO, including: practical �how to� checklists for each step in the LPO exploration process; a number of tools and templates to help you along; and input gathered from your peers during ACC�s 2011 Annual Meeting. The data from the ACC session, �Lessons Learned Across the Legal Process Outsourcing Lifecycle,� will allow you to see how your colleagues thought about some of the key questions we�ll be posing in this workbook; their ideas represent a good starting place for your own thinking about LPO.

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