KPI Design Kit: A Sustainable Strategies Playbook for Measurable Change

As part of NYU Stern’s 2019 MBA Course, Sustainability for Competitive Advantage, 6 MBA teams collaborated with the Council of Fashion Designers of America. The MBA teams engaged with CFDA + Lexus Fashion* Initiative 3.0 brand participants: Abasi Rosborough, Araks, Jonathan Cohen, Public School NY, and Trace Reese, working to address key industry challenges within topic specific areas of ranging from sales to supply chain. Each team produced strategic recommendations led by Stern’s Center for Sustainable Business Director, Tensie Whelan. The CFDA challenged one NYU Stern MBA team to develop a KPI focused guide, specifically for SMEs {Small to Medium Enterprises} with the goal of helping small brands successfully navigate towards ‘quick win’ areas of prioritization with potential for big impact that can be realistically implemented. This added resource is intended as a designer’s field guide, i.e. a comprehensive set of sustainability and financial KPIs that take into account the realities of independent designers with small design/production teams, often without an in-house sustainability expert, or R+D budget. Designers today are often surrounded with inaccessible options and struggle to integrate tools to agilely measure impact on a small scale. For small business, limited resources can often create a barrier for actualizing goals, therefore this playbook is intended to demonstrate clear, tangible steps that can be taken from a tactical perspective.

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