Inbound and Outbound Telemarketing Services

A summary of responses received for this Peer2Peer inquiry is available below.

Original Inquiry

Initiative Background:

Established in 1817 and headquartered in Canada, we are a large financial services organization that serves 13 million personal, commercial, corporate and institutional customers in North America and internationally, in which we have 2 million active credit card users and 3 million everyday banking checking customers. As a continuous endeavor to provide the best customer experience, our credit card product group and everyday banking group offer embedded and/or optional enhancement services that bring added value benefits to our customers. The enhancement services features listed below are available to our customers and managed by third party companies.



We would like to see if there are other capable service providers in the market who are interested in this potential opportunity and also have the infrastructure or partnerships to process inbound and outbound telemarketing services. Enhancement Product Features: Address Change Services Auto Care Referrals and Service Online Document Registry Emergency Assistance Fraud Liability Fraud Protection Home Appliances Warranty and Service Home Care Referral and Service Home Computer Service Legal Assistance Lost Key Service Message Relay Mobile Device Protection Online Access Online Image Storage Restoration of Payments Services Reminder Notification Roadside Assistance Travel Weather Guarantee Travel Reimbursement Voice Mail Services Wallet/Purse Replacement Inbound/ Outbound tel-marketing call centre…

Summary of Responses

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