How to Reduce Value Leakage in Complex Contracts

What is this session about?

– Proven techniques to reduce the average contract value leakage of 9-45%.

What will attendees learn?

– How to identify and discuss strategies for:

– Strengthening SOWs

– Tracking, controlling and managing operational risks consistently

– Strengthening acceptance, corrective action, and cure provisions

– Enhancing governance mechanisms

What is the session format?

– Session attendees will first learn the fundamentals of these strategies, then break into one or two activities consisting of reviewing a mocked-up contract to discuss techniques to enhance the contract to reduce value leakage. 

Who should attend this session?

– All contract professionals such as contract negotiators, contract administrators, contract managers, account managers, vendor/supplier/customer managers, and technical SMEs. Those who develop, draft, negotiate and manage performance-based contracts.


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