GEP Procurement Outlook 2016: Supertrends and Their Implications

The year 2016 began with unsettling volatility in financial markets, fueled by fears – perhaps overwrought – of at least a partial global economic slowdown. This notion itself was sparked, in part, by declining oil and other commodities, often attributed to a slowing growth rate in China. Yet macroeconomic forecasts, for the most part, have remained remarkably stable. The global economy is projected to grow between 2.7 percent to 3.6 percent this year, marginally higher than 2015. Still, volatility in the financial markets could create drag on the real economy: the question is how much. In view of such uncertainty, procurement leaders need to stay on top of business conditions and determine the implications for their role. In this report, we have identified five supertrends that will impact global business dynamics and help determine the agenda for procurement leaders at global organizations over the next year.

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