Direct Sourcing: Simplifying the What, Why and How for Enterprises

The skills shortage is becoming more real each day– 73% of CEOs say it is a threat to their business. The number of self-employed individuals in the U.S. increased to 40.9 million in 2017 and generated roughly $1.2 trillion of revenue for the U.S. economy. Yet surprisingly, the adoption of an Integrated Direct Sourcing Exchange by enterprises is considerably slower than what is to be expected considering the attention given on the topic. Understanding the what, why and how surrounding direct sourcing is the simple, first step to kick-start this journey for organizations.


Join MBO Partners for an informative and actionable webinar on August 1, 2017. Topics to be discussed include: 


Terms and Tools: Direct Sourcing vs. Integrated Direct Sourcing Exchange, Gig Economy, Freelance Management Systems, Independent Professionals

Benefits to Direct Sourcing: Cost Savings, Client of Choice, Early Adoption

Getting Started with Direct Sourcing: Tools, Next Steps

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