A CPO Conversation: How to Create an Innovation Culture and Drive Supplier Business Outcomes in Sourcing and Procurement

In our research into innovation in sourcing and procurement, we identified VSP Global as a Pinnacle Enterprise™ based on its outstanding outcomes and capability maturity. We had a chance to speak with Greg Tennyson, Head of Global Corporate Services, about the company’s innovation journey. Greg joined VSP Global nearly six years ago to lead the procurement and travel teams, and shortly thereafter began transforming his organization to focus on delivering business value through partnering with business and functional stakeholders. Due to his success, Greg is now responsible not only for procurement and travel, but also real estate and facilities, physical security, safety and distribution. He also serves as an advisory board member for SIG, as well as procurement technology companies including Amazon Business, ScoutRFP, CXO Nexus, and FairMarkIT.

Prior to VSP Global, Greg was the VP, Source-to-Settle and Travel-to-Expense global leader for Salesforce and Oracle. With his deep knowledge of global processes and related technologies, gained from over two decades of experience leading global teams, Greg’s insights into what has and hasn’t worked are invaluable for other organizations looking to move the needle on innovation.

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