August Microlearning by SIG University – Relational Contracting and A Holistic Approach to Risk Management

Contracting in the New Economy

Join us to learn from University of Tennessee Faculty, Graduate and Executive Professor, Kate Vitasek, and CEO of Commercial Officers Group, Jim Bergman, as we explore the important concepts outlined in their new book, Contracting in the New Economy. This Microlearning by SIG University Event will provide you with immediately applicable tools and information on learning targets such as:

  • What is the difference between a relational contract and a transactional contract
  • When to use a relational contract
  • A proven 5-step method for relational contracting


Kate Vitasek, Faculty, Graduate & Executive, University of Tennessee

Jim Bergman, CEO, Commercial Officers Group


 A Holistic Approach to Risk Management: How to Preserve Contract Value without Fighting about Terms and Conditions

Poorly written SOWs and boilerplate legal Terms lead to preventable value leakage that damages buyer/supplier relationships. The fastest way to preserving value is for both buyer and seller alike is to mitigate identifiable risks that may affect flawless delivery of goods or services. A common challenge, however is that buyers and sellers tend to dig in and “lawyer up,” expending time and energy arguing about things that really don’t move the needle in terms of mitigating risks. The better we understand what truly matters the better off we will be, not only during negotiations but all throughout the contract lifecycle.


Lawrence Kane, SIG Hall of Famer and Faculty Member, SIG Hall of Fame

Jeanette Nyden, Negotiation Expert, Commercial Contracting Coach, Contracts Attorney/Business Consultant

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