5 Rules for Creating Great Presentations

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“With over a quarter million presentations under her belt, including notable ones like Al Gore’s An Inconvenient Truth , Nancy Duarte reigns supreme as the world’s most sought-after presentation expert. Recently, Nancy paid a visit to HubSpot in preparation for her appearance as keynote speaker at 2011 HUGS , and shared a bit of her wisdom on what sets apart great presentations from average ones.

Nancy Duarte’s Five Rules for Creating Great Presentations

Face it. Most presentations are not great. Many of us have come to rely on tools like Powerpoint to facilitate meetings and convey ideas—yet more often than not, we fall short.  

How in the world is a slide like this going to inspire action?

Great presentations can and do inspire change. They make meaning. They move people. 

Use these five simple but powerful rules to elevate your next presentation from mundane to magnificent…”


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