The 5 Differentiators Supplier Diversity Leaders Should Focus on to Innovate and Succeed

In answering a call for research into why some programs succeed more, the SIG Research team decided to study top performers of supplier diversity programs. Using benchmarking and market data from partners like, we identified the top 20% of programs by industry. We then invited the leaders of those programs to a series of interviews in which we discussed how and why they think their programs reflect best-in-class. 

Those looking to take their programs to the next level – increasing their diverse spend, expanding their team, or achieving greater awareness – would benefit from reviewing this resource. 

From our interviews with companies like CDW, Ford Motor Company, Global Payments Inc., Honeywell Aerospace, Motorola Solutions, Inc., Unilever, Wilmington Trust and M&T Bank, and others, we confirmed that best-in-class leaders are much the same as most organizations. However, we also discovered what they were doing to differentiate themselves from most programs and identified five unique (and common) areas where each company excelled in: 

  • They are more data-driven
  • They are more proactive and plan further ahead
  • They are more connected to the business
  • They are more collaborative
  • They are more balanced between data and relationships

In this paper, SIG reveals unique insights and specific, practical steps these leaders have and are continuing to take to achieve remarkable results.

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