The 2022 Business Spend Management Benchmark Report: United by the Power of Spend

20 Community-Powered KPIs for Best-in-Class Performance Across Procurement, Risk, Invoicing, Expenses, and Payments


  • Introduction: Why Community Data?
  • United by the Power of Spend
  • Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG)
  • Source-to-Contract
  • Contract Management Cycle Time
  • Structured Spend
  • On-Contract Spend
  • Primary Suppliers
  • Procurement
  • Electronic PO Processing
  • Requisition-to-Order Cycle Time
  • Services Requisition-to-Order Cycle Time
  • Services Procurement Work Confirmation Cycle Time
  • Pre-Approved Spend
  • Supplier and Third-Party Risk Management
  • Supplier Information Management Cycle Time
  • Risk Management Evaluation Completion Rate
  • Risk Management Evaluation Cycle Time
  • Invoicing
  • Electronic Invoice Processing
  • Invoice Approval Cycle Time
  • First-Time Match Rate
  • Expenses
  • Expense Report Approval Cycle Time
  • Expense Report Lines Within Policy
  • Payments
  • Invoices Paid Digitally
  • Suppliers Using Digital Payments
  • Payment Batch Approval Cycle Time
  • Conclusion: United by the Power of Spend


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