SolutionMap Tech Selection Services & Memberships

Based on 1,000+ functional requirements across the source-to-pay and services procurement technology spectrum, Spend Matters reliably benchmarks market leading procurement software providers on an exceptionally granular level resulting in the freely accessible SolutionMap rankings (issued quarterly). Curious how Spend Matters SolutionMap compares to other industry analyst rating methodologies? Read this whitepaper to learn how SolutionMap is different.

You can tap into that wealth of benchmark data to identify which procurement software provider best meets your organization’s specific technology needs at a 20% SIG buy-side member discount with:

Spend Matters TechMatch(SM)

A complete self-service toolkit to help you create a manageable vendor shortlist in a matter of days, without shortchanging the depth of analysis:

  • Effectively define and prioritize your business / technical requirements using the SolutionMap RFI(s)

  • Review the differences between vendors and why they matter for your company before even talking to them (for both ‘best-of-breed’ and ‘suite’ firms)

  • Only include the functionality, technology, and service requirements that are most critical based on your pre-defined shortlist and specific needs

  • Run several analysis scenarios to get all your stakeholders on the same page (e.g., an end-to-end Source-to-Pay map of suite vendors versus a map of an individual area such as strategic sourcing or transactional eProcurement)

SolutionMap Insider

SolutionMap Insider gives subscribers access to SolutionMap-based comparative summary vendor scores (including buying recommendations and considerations), summary customer insights by vendor, ‘What makes it great’ vendor spotlight and ‘Head-to-Head’ vendor comparison articles, quarterly ‘what’s new’ release reports and more. 

An Insider subscription can be stand-alone or part of Accelerator (the latter only for a 90-day period).

Spend Matters PRO

PRO subscribers can access essential deep-dive market intelligence, vendor/supply market coverage, best practice explorations and more to inform critical procurement technology decision-making, with:

  • 75+ Technology Providers Assessments, including:
  • Feature/function & SWOT analysis
  • User requirements checklist
  • Selection considerations
  • 150+ New research briefs published annually
  • Technology market outlooks
  • Adoption and integration guides
  • User Interface (UI) guidelines

A PRO subscription give you the chance to understand the vendor and partner landscape at a level other analyst firms cannot provide – without even having to talk to analysts!

Unleash Spend Matters SolutionMap’s unparalleled market intelligence to inform your procurement technology strategy and actions.