SIG Speaks Weekly Briefing – November 25

Here’s your weekly update on the latest thought leadership, networking events and training with SIG.

2019 Annual Default Review

Download RapidRatings’ 2019 Annual Default Review to find out the top five supplier red flags and top five industries to watch out for.

SIG Partners with Spend Matters

Tap into a wealth of benchmark data to identify which procurement software provider best meets your organization’s specific technology needs with Spend Matters’ SolutionMap Accelerator. SIG buy-side members receive a 20% discount.

The Sourcing Industry Landscape Podcast

Join Dawn Tiura as she interviews Givewith CEO Paul Polizzotto. He discusses how corporate social responsibility initiatives can drive business value by boosting employee morale, retention rates and investor confidence.

Future of Sourcing Articles

A lot has been written about RPA’s ability to link processes and automate services, but much less has been dedicated to the benefits of RPA from a system engineering point of view. Learn more about how RPA technology can be utilized.

Technology can be a double-edged sword when it comes to communication. It can make us more connected but in the same regard disconnected when it comes to real in-person interactions. How do we as leaders maneuver this complicated new world?

Peer-2-Peer – Search Firm for Sourcing Positions

Help a SIG member from the buy-side find a search firm to help fill lender positions and a compliance manager role in the Toronto area.

SIG University

SIG University students are learning applicable skills that they are using in real-time. This CSP student shares how she rediscovered the benefit of SWOT analysis, a tried and true procurement best practice.

Career Network

If you are looking for a new job or hoping to fill a position, please check out the SIG Career Network.

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