What is SIG Research?

Our team of experts, analysts, advisors, and researchers have been conducting studies and reporting insights on sourcing, procurement and third-party risk for decades. We have recently formalized our efforts and are now offering our capabilities and insights from our broad and deep community of thought leaders to our practitioners, providers, consultants, and advisors.

Our work has helped executives build business cases for innovation and transformation in development, operations, and talent. We have bridged gaps for our providers, created must-have resources for our practitioners, and led the industry in trend awareness and research.

What are the research offerings?

  • Industry Research, Studies, and White Papers
  • Industry Benchmarks and Surveys
  • Industry Resource Databases and Listings
  • Brand Awareness Studies

How can I participate?

There are many ways to contribute and add value to our research, here are just a few:

  • Commission a poll or benchmark
  • Commission a study or research project
  • Request thought leadership like a white paper
  • Respond to request to benchmark
  • Answer SIG surveys and social media polls
  • Contribute ideas for study
  • Provide a testimonial or case study for a specific initiative

    Who does our research benefit?

    SIG is unique because we blend practitioners, service providers and advisory firms in a non-commercial environment. No other organization can bring together such a cohort and produce such authentic experts, adopters, and innovators. Combined with our top-notch research team, we create leading insights for practitioners and providers.

    For Practitioners

    • Insights into practices of mature and leading organizations
    • Connections with others in sourcing, procurement and risk functions
    • Real-time data for your category plans, digital transformations, departmental performance

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    For Providers

    • Insights into the needs, wants, and desires of your clients and prospects
    • Case studies and testimonials
    • Survey collection and data sets
    • White papers and studies
    • Additional sponsorship and promotional opportunities for your thought leadership

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    What are some of the upcoming initiatives planned?

    SIG evaluates what issues are important to our members and the sourcing profession in general when planning future topics and themes. Below is a list of the planned research initiatives over the 2023-2024 timeframe.

    Whitepapers and Surveys

    Polls and Benchmarks

    • Performance Measurement
    • Operational Excellence
    • Communicate, Collaborate, Change
    • Policies
    • Trends

    Articles and Blogs

    • High-Performing Procurement Teams: Training and Development
    • Industry 4.0: Trends and Future Outlook
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    Recent Publications

    View some of our most recent studies, reports, surveys and benchmarks for examples of our research capabilities.

    The 5 Differentiators Supplier Diversity Program Leaders Should Focus On To Innovate And Succeed

    Advice From Best-In-Class Leaders Across Industries

    What is your Path to Data Understanding?

    A Playbook for Bridging the Gap Between Data Promise and Data Success

    SIG's Study on Salaries and Compensation in Procurement, Sourcing and Risk

    Benchmark the latest salaries, benefits, and certifications across North America

    A Business Case for Outsourcing the Management of Your Contingent Workforce

    (MSP Outsourcing Study/Report)

    Refocusing Your Procurement Practice to Maximize Resilience and Agility

    (A research study between SIG and Coupa)

    2022: Source-to-Pay Cycle Times

    (An informal benchmark on the average number of days for a few key indicators in the Source-to-Pay cycle)

    2022: PO Processing Volumes

    (An informal benchmark on the average number of purchase orders processed per week per FTE)

    2022: Competitive Bidding Policies and Requirements

    (An informal benchmark on policy requirements for competitive bidding, bid reviews, and drivers for reverse auction)