• The purpose of the SIG Educational Foundation is to provide SIG University scholarships and professional development opportunities to underrepresented groups to help make them more employable.
  • The nonprofit 501(c)(3) status is currently pending with the IRS.
  • The SIG Educational Foundation is seeking grants and other sources of funding. 
  • A company called The Influence Board has partnered with SIG to support the nonprofit’s funding goals. 
  • This new partnership will facilitate SIG’s continuing work to create meaningful collaboration between industry leaders and business partners while elevating corporate social responsibility and funding educational scholarships to support groups of people that are underrepresented in the workforce.
  • The SIG Educational Foundation’s Board of Directors are:
Valerie Gross

Valerie Gross


Digital Transformation,
Managed Services & Outsourcing Group

Sarah Holliman

Sarah Holliman

Marketing and Communications Executive Lecturer

University of California, Berkeley

Patti Peeples

Patti Peeples

Health Economist

PhD, RPh, Pharmacist
Industry Leader

SIG + The Influence Board

As a friend of SIG, you’ve been generously provided free access to The Influence Board, and have a profile reserved for you. View the Tutorial Video and Claim your Profile to begin raising funds for worthy causes!

  • The Influence Board is a platform in which business leaders can offer one hour of their time each month for a pre-qualified exploratory meeting, in return for a meaningful donation to a worthy cause.
  • For the buy-side leaders within SIG, it’s a creative way to filter the many meeting requests you receive each day for relevancy while increasing the social impact of your time.

The process is simple:

  1. Set up your profile on The Influence Board website
  2. Choose causes you want to support (it can be SIG or other non-profits)
  3. Set a value for one hour of your time – this could be $300, $400, or whatever you determine it is
  4. Then you can choose the types of meetings you are willing to take and you can limit the number of meeting requests for each month
  5. When you accept a meeting request, the requestor pays The Influence Board your meeting value. When the meeting is completed, the funds are donated to the organization(s) you designated.