Spend Matters Future 5 2021 – Featuring Archlet

Future 5 Friday is back again! Spend Matters has partnered with SIG for a 5 part podcast series to showcase this year’s Future 5 list – a group of newly emerged procurement technology start-ups that you should know about. Over the next 2 months leading up to our Procurement Technology Summit in April, we’ll be interviewing the founders of each featured company to find out what it means to be a Future 5.

Up this week, is Archlet – a solution designed to enable optimization and scenario-based sourcing, with key data-backed analytics and insights to drive quicker sourcing decisions. We had the pleasure of speaking with Lukas Wawrla, one of Archlet’s Co-Founders, about how Archlet is combining data science and machine learning with deep hands-on procurement expertise to rethink strategic sourcing and empower buyers to make better sourcing decisions faster.