Optimizing Procurement: Evaluating the Fit of Managed Services, featuring Carlos Perico, Senior Director, ProcureAbility

Managed Services (MS) originated from the 1980s outsourcing trend and have since expanded into various business functions, including Procurement. MS entails outsourcing specific business processes to third parties to manage them externally, optimizing tasks like spend analytics, sourcing, supplier management, requisition processing, and invoice management within Source-to-Pay and Procure-to-Pay cycles.

The value proposition for business leaders, such as CPOs and CSCOs, centers on operational efficiency, strategic enhancement, industry expertise, spending control through SLAs and KPIs, organizational flexibility, and cost advantages. Tune into this episode with Carlos Perico, Senior Director at ProcureaAbility, to learn more about whether Managed Procurement Services could be the right approach for your organization.