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The SIG Peer2Peer (P2P) program allows members to access benchmarking insights and best practices on topics specific to their needs. Using the Peer2Peer resource, members can leverage the experience of other industry professionals by posing questions to the greater SIG community on issues they are facing within their organization. Members use the forum to locate resources, source providers, seek advice on hot topics and share their lessons learned.

Below are the latest Peer2Peer inquiries. You or someone on your team may know the answer to one of the questions below. If you do, please take a moment to help a SIG member from the buy-side. You may need their help one day, too! To submit your own Peer2Peer inquiry, get in touch and we’ll pose your question to the SIG Community.


Procurement Best Practices

This buy-side member is re-writing their procurement policy and revamping their process for the requested addition/approval of a new supplier. They are seeking best practices for procurement policies, specifically covering the following topics:

  • What spend does/does not require a PO?
  • What are the consequences for procurement policy violations? For example: Committing company funds without a PO or contract.
  • How are violations to the procurement policy enforced?
  • What is the process for requesting a new supplier add? Who reviews/approves/denies this request?


Social Media Management Platforms

This SIG member is looking to source tools for monitoring social media. Specifically, they are looking for a social media management platform that contains the following features at minimum:

  • Planning tools
  • Monitoring dashboards
  • Campaign reporting
  • Asset reporting and management
  • Competitor listening and benchmarking

What advice can you provide on requirements/work scope, providers/tools, contract structure, governance/performance management and/or implementation for this spend?


Contingent Worker Solutions

This SIG member from the buy-side is looking to obtain a Managed Service Provider with a Vendor Management System as a solution to source, manage and pay contingent workers. They seek insights and advice from other organizations who have put this in place on any lessons learned, hidden costs and items to be mindful of.

Please click below to reply with your experiences, or if you prefer, SIG will gladly arrange introductions for more in-depth discussions.



This member from the financial services industry is interested in knowing whether your organization has been impacted by tariffs. Have discussions around tariffs escalated and if so how are you navigating those discussions?

Specifically, this member seeks your input on the following:

  • Are you locking in fixed pricing to ensure stable cost structure?
  • Are you adding caveats so that prices fall if tariffs go away?
  • Are you asking suppliers to share the cost of the tariffs?
  • What commodities have been impacted – for example, office supplies, promo, signage, office furniture, building materials?
  • What capabilities have you developed to adequately explore and analyze the “what if” questions we should be asking?


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