Vendor Scorecards for Financial/Banking services

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    This SIG buy-side member from the Finance industry is asking if anyone can share examples and/or best practices for vendor scorecards that are used to assess vendor SLAs internally and enterprise-wide for the Financial/Banking services. The scorecard would reflect scores related to or like vendor competency, communication, capacity, commitment, consistency, deliverable, and cost. Internally their business groups/stakeholders will score the criteria and help identify vendor KPIs and SLAs. Again, this is more to get an idea of what is currently being used/trending in lieu of rating vendor performances.  

    If you have examples to share, please email them to [email protected]. I will acknowledge receipt, sanitize and remit for your approval before posting/sharing. 


    I have never seen such a standard scorecard for these types of services. A number of the items identified are not easily measured in an objective manner. In addition, often these types of services are specified is statements of work for distinct projects, not necessarily in ongoing work. Therefore this is a little bit challenging to do, not impossible, but takes some creativity. I am not aware of any templates out in the environment currently.


    This is something we do very well at ENGAIZ.  We have helped many customers in the FI space setup different performance models with third-parties. 

    • Balanced Scorecard based approach
    • Risk-Reward based Performance Scorecards 
    • OKRs – Objective Key Results 

    Our platform uses data from performance scorecards, performance surveys, engagement health and comes up with Performance Insights.  

     Please feel free to reach out to us for additional details. 

    Jai Chinnakonda

    Founder & CEO

    20 Bay Street, 11th Floor

    Toronto, ON L5R 1S3

    Ph: +1 647-643-5793


    Yes Scanmarket provides this functionality in our Supplier Base Management module. It allows you to score and rank suppliers on any type of KPI you can come up with. We provide charts and graphs that allow you to stack rank them against other suppliers in the same industry or category.

    If they are interested in talking with us more at length, we would be happy to participate.


    David McMinn

    VP North American Operations

    Cell: 770.990.9317 | eMail: [email protected]

    12600 Deerfield Pkwy | Suite 100 | Alpharetta, GA 30004 | USA

    Visit us at:          

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