Training Module for SOW Writing and Perfecting

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      A SIG member is seeking a training module that addresses writing and perfecting SOWs. The target audience for the module would be business unit stakeholders, typically technical SMEs, handling SOWs for ITO, BPO, and KPO needs. The training session would be no longer than 4-hours and would cover the basics of an SOW, its application, contents and best practices. Attendees would be able to immediately apply the practical knowledge and write SOWs and RFPs. The module would include some sort of exercise where the audience could review a “mark-up” version of an SOW and the instructor would demonstrate how to enhance/edit an existing SOW, sort of like on-screen redlines. The purpose would be to effect a standard, best practice approach to authoring SOWs for sourcing events and materials like RFPs. The module would be delivered in a PowerPoint presentation, with an experienced sourcing professional as the instructor.


      Likewise, if you’re interested in donating your guidelines, best practices, previous drafts of standard-like SOWs, and/or stories regarding your experiences, please reply to this email.

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