Supply Chain Platforms – what are your recommendations?

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      This SIG member is in the manufacturing space and is interested in supply chain optimization in looking at the cost of goods, inventory and warehousing, shipping, labor, and overhead costs.  

      Is there tool/service/solution that you would recommend for monitoring “end-to-end” supply chain?

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      SAP is a safe performant and efficient tool for supply chain management, most of manufacturing companies are using this tool for a reason. In another hand, stay away from EBS Oracle, it’s complex, not friendly user and MRP runs once a day while MRP of SAP runs live.

      For BI purpose, I would recommend IBM Cognos without a doubt.

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      Outside of the usual suspects (SAP Ariba, Oracle), Pool4Tool has a solid solution in this space. They were recently purchased by Jaggaer. The contact I have is Rob Nault: [email protected]

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      While I’d need some more information to better understand the member’s current challenges and stated objectives for optimizing their supply chain, I can provisionally recommend Ivalua’s source-to-pay platform. 

      Ivalua acquired my previous company, Directworks, in Oct 2017 and is currently incorporating the Directworks manufacturing/direct materials capabilities into the Ivalua platform. These capabilities include our advanced Strategic Sourcing offering (built to incorporate total-landed-cost, lead times, etc.) as well as Product Manager (built to manage the BOM through sourcing and supplier selection, achieve target cost of goods, etc) as well as some other solutions for managing direct materials and suppliers. 

      I recently joined Ivalua as an industry expert and I cover manufacturing. I would be happy to discuss this subject with the inquiring member to get a better sense of what they need and make an appropriate recommendation. Please feel free to make the connection. (Also – I’ll be at the SIG Summit next week in DC and could meet the member there.)

      Thank you,

      Greg Anderson

      Vice President

      mobile: 412-736-8280

      [email protected]

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      •Watson Supply Chain (WSC) is our IBM recommended offering: 

      oWSC was built based on IBM’s internal cloud and AI Transparent Supply Chain experience

      •Other End to End Supply Chain visibility control towers do not use the power of Watson.  Some examples include: Kinaxis, JDA, GT Nexus, or Oracle SCM 


       Josie Romualdi

      Director, Strategy, Skills & Operations, Enterprise Services

      Transformation & Operations, IBM

      [email protected]


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      In brief, the answer is yes, assuming this question is related to staffing there are two options. An MSP supplier will utilise its own internal resources to effectively manage, audit (for compliance) and incentivise the supply chain. Outside of this, there are numerous technology platforms and VMS (Vendor Management Systems) possessing functionality to identify this specific task and more. 

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      We currently use DDS (Diversified Distribution Systems) which is part of Bunzl.  I highly recommend them for specialty store supply chain. 

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      The two tools I like in SCM are 

       – Futurmaster ( used by many retailers with a great focus on demand & forecasting

      – Sourcemap with a securisation of your supply chain Tiers 1 to Tier 2 to Tier 3


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      We are not in the manufacturing space.  We use a combination of systems in the utilities space:  PeopleSoft ERP, WAM Asset Management, GEP Spend, IBM FileNet for Enterprise Document Management and PowerPlan for project planning.  

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      The problem statement warrants two sets of solutions:

      1.A detailed cost structure analysis and an opportunity assessment to identify key levers for optimization

      2.Mapping of multiple tiers of suppliers and continuous monitoring of events/disruptions for business continuity support. Our experience in this space is to not only monitor suppliers & locations but also track entire supply eco-system.

      Beroe has the capabilities and tools to support both. 



      Vinod Kalyan

      Vice President


      Beroe Inc

      Dallas Office

      Mobile: +1-469-386-8141

      Email: [email protected]


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