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      Our procurement department is currently looking for a way to file away all cold calls/emails that we get from companies throughout the year, so that we can refer to them later. 

      This initiative came up when we met with our Marketing team, and they had brought up wanting to have a way to go back to that information later on, if we need a contact or we’re conducting an RFP. We had discussed an excel database, but we’re currently researching a better solution to collect this information. With such a large company, it’s hard to have one concise way to store this and also have it accessible to all.

      Does your company archive cold calls you receive from the sales and business development departments in potential third party providers/vendors? If so, how do you do this and what solution have you found works best so that many people have access across several lines of business? 


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      No way to stop cold calls, we just refer them to a self-serve supplier registration portal, and have a dedicated mailbox for them to send inquiries to – which we would invariably send most replies directing them to supplier portal.  If we have potential business, we can simply refer to the supplier portal.

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      We keep a file on our company intranet/social site that all employees can access. The file is called “Potential Supplier List”. We document the vendor’s capabilities and contact info.

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      Not sure about cold calls but I know sales organizations use SalesForce to track calls, contacts, client information, etc. I would think that would work or a scaled down version.

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      Generally, the marketing team works in tandem with sales organization and they use either Salesforce CRM, Oracle CRM to log those entries, either in automated way or manual. 


      But that creates a single database helpful for future lead generation. 


      I hope it helps.




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      Mary- we use a database that is created through a link on our website.  We have a questionnaire a potential supplier would complete and that data is saved for RFP or RFI purposes.


      We do this for all vendors who wish to register and become eligible for consideration.


      It can be found at this link:



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      We are currently just using an Access database to track cold call emails from vendors, but are considering other tools when we revisit our e-sourcing tool scope and contracts over the next 2 years.  We would like to have a better tool to do this, but it hasn’t been a priority and will likely have to be lumped into another projects’ scope to get reviewed.

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      We use a home-grown solution for inventorying prospective suppliers.  There’s a link on our company website for prospective suppliers.  When they click that, they enter basic company information (including description of their services) into a database we built ourselves.  Sourcing directs cold calls/emails from suppliers to this link.  We don’t use this service ourselves, but I understand supplier lifecycle management applications such as Aravo or Hyperos can easily “intake” prospective supplier information, and perform basic due diligence without human involvement (i.e. validate legitimate address, check risk scores against D&B or information security services, etc.)  You could easily link from the SLM application to your company website to facilitate it.  

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      We do not archive the calls.  We use our SRM process to look for potential vendors.   This usually results in long term strategic relationships with vendors.  Additionally, we’re a publically traded and regulated utility so the amount of work to get on the approved suppliers list (which would enable them to receive applicable RFPs) involves a significant investment on our part to vet them (financial stability, past performance on similar work, safety records through BROWZ, etc.).  So we don’t typically take or follow up on cold calls.  Additionally, we subscribe to several resources such as IBISWorld (now called ProcurementIQ) that provides vendor info by category as well as Beroe through our SIG membership to research vendors as part of our strategic sourcing events and category reviews.

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      Mary have them consider send the callers to a supplier or marketing portal to load information. The portal would contain the necessary fields to be completed to organize the calls/inquiries and attached to a database.

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      Hi Mary,


      I don`t know if my company does this, but this would be a very good and typical use case where a machine learning supported smart processing automation solution could simply deliver.


      For calls, the voice would be sent through and NLP solution, transcribed for key words which then analysed would trigger the filing logic,


      For e-mails, even simpler, the machine learning algorithm could search for key words based on which the filing could take place.


      Once the filing is done, the access control to slices of the saved data is a totally different game which depends on the storage solution and other factors.


      Since this appears to be a high volume, low variance process it suits well for the solution I was presenting on the Washington Summit.


      Hope this helps your client.




      Thanks and regards


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      AGS actually has a link we send out to our inquiring vendors that cold call our company to become a part of our program. The link will allow the vendors to input their company information which will put them into our “potential vendor” database. AGS will then utilize this database for all programs within our company that may be looking to add new vendors to their respective line of business. 


      Obviously, this type of system would cost money to implement but AGS has found great success through this database when our programs are looking to add new vendors due to the information each potential vendor enters. For the short-term though, a simple spreadsheet is unfortunately the best way to go… Maybe the SIG member would be best to invest in a part-time contracted employee to input the list of interested vendors into a spreadsheet or would potentially be a great project for an intern. 


      I hope this was helpful, have a great day.


      Curtis Rybski 

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      Effectively Sales & Marketing with the CRM’s tools are trying to save emails and cold calls. It works mostly for Marketing and less for Sales people.

      You have to look if your Strategic Sourcing provider (Ariba, Bravo, Determine etc….) can do it. Normally they can but you will have to test in real life this feature because this is not a standard demand.

      This is not a standard feature because:

       – Doing that means that your Supplier “prospect” database in under control (name / email / company).

       – And if you do that you will have to be sure that you rBuyer will adopt it and for which benefit.


      Best regards, Patrick





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      We don’t have any solution to do what this member is asking about however I am wondering if this is something that Tealbook offers.  Perhaps you could find out from whomever at SIG is responsible for the Innovation Accelerator where Tealbook spoke during the recent SIG Global Summit.

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      We have the same situation…..

      Sadly, we do not have a solution other than a web eform on that suppliers can register as potential future suppliers.

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